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Thu Dau Mot Mechatronics & Refrigeration Private Enterprise

Refrigerated appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, heaters, microwave ovens, household electrical appliances, etc. are devices that are commonly used in today's homes and are becoming increasingly popular, important in our lives. Especially after a process of use will inevitably damaged need to repair. We know the needs of the customer so the article will be very good for you. Let call to us, we will help you find a reputable repaired refrigeration address in Binh Duong.

Thu Dau Mot Mechatronics & Refrigeration Private Enterprise specialized warranty, repair and maintenance of air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, hot water, microwave oven, household electrical appliances ... prestige on the market. With a staff of skilled technicians, specialized in the field of refrigeration repair. Thu Dau Mot Mechatronics & Refrigeration Private Enterprise repair center is always aiming for "enthusiasm - careful - prestige". We always put customers on top, giving customers the best satisfaction.

Repairing refrigeration quickly in Binh Duong 

With experienced staffs, highly skilled people are highly valued by the community as well as work efficiency so you can rest assured about this.

Beside having the high professional ability, ourr staffs is very professional, dedicated, caring and attentive to listen to your inquiries and ready to answer your questions.

Especially, the staffs here have a very high sense of responsibility and are committed to fulfilling their responsibilities in a timely manner when committed to customers.

Repairing refrigeration services in Thu Dau Mot Mechatronics & Refrigeration Private Enterprise

The world of electronic, refrigeration is very diverse and rich, especially with the introduction of many devices, many new brands as today. So that, Thu Dau Mot has been expanding its scale, training more human resources to update the most common errors and how to repair the most effective:

  • Repair refrigerator, air conditioner: repair bug, pump gas etc.
  • Washing machine repair: washing machine is weak, no spin, no squeeze, motor failure, etc.
  • Repair of air conditioners: fixes such as hot latches, condensers, dead wheels, etc.
  • Repair air cooler: fan not running, cooler, etc.
  • Repair hot water heater: no hot water, leaks, etc.
  • Repairing electrical household appliances: fans, rice cookers, microwave ovens, motors ...

The steps of repairing in Thu Dau Mot Mechatronics & Refrigeration Private Enterprise

The process of repairing electronics and refrigeration at Thu Dau Mot company not only demonstrates professionalism but also shows a high sense of responsibility. With the full process, the right technique is one of the best things to do for any customer whether big or small:

Step 1: After receiving the request of the customer, consultant "Thu Dau Mot company" identify and allocate technicians to field.

Step 2: Check the entire machine, equipment before repair. Determine the part, error, level of damage and find the exact cause.

Step 3: Take the most appropriate measure for the landlord, quote the price or incurred (if any). If the customer agrees to carry out repairs, replace parts (if necessary). Ensure 100% new components, genuine and quality.

Step 4: Issue warranty card and advise how to use it correctly and in the right way to ensure the best quality.

If you need more information on refrigeration repair, please contact Thu Dau Mot Refrigeration Repair Center. With hotline 0986 839 825 for best service. We are committed to quality and work attitude.

Contact information 

Thu Dau Mot Mechatronics & Refrigeration Private Enterprise

Address: H2-03 D8 Street - Thinh Gia Urban Area - Tan Dinh Ward - Ben Cat District - Binh Duong Province


Wilson Dang - 0986 839 825 – Business Department

Ngan  Dang - 038 402 4748 – Business Department.

Tuyet Anh, Vo - 0973 646 780 – Accounting Department

Ngan, Dang - 038 402 4748 – Technical department